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Individual record

First name: Annie

Surname: Beaton

Maiden name: Annie Mary Gillies

Sloinneadh/nickname: Annag Ali Bhàin

Date of death: 17/09/78

Place of death: Dingwall

Age: 81

Year of death: 1978

Date of burial:

Date of funeral:

Gravestone inscription:

memory of
Annie Mary Gillies
who died at
Ross Memorial Hospital
on 17th September 1978
aged 81 years
beloved wife of
Donald Beaton
died 31st March 1990
aged 98 years

Home address: Toscaig

Township: Toscaig

Originally from:


Date of birth:


Annie Mary was a daughter of Ali Bàn Gillies, Culduie. She was a sister of the Reverend Kenneth Gillies (Gillies of Partick); she had another brother Roddy in Culduie. She and Danie had lived in Ardbain after they married and then moved to Toscaig, c1960.

Reference number: 194

Interment number:

Graveyard section: 2

Lair number: 11


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