Clachan Graveyard Mapping Project

Interactive Database

Using the interactive database is straightforward. Simply select which field you would like to search on using the drop down menu ‘Search’ (for example Name) and then type in the name you are interested in finding. You can sort these results based on another field (for example Township) by using the drop down menu ‘Sort by’. Remember: spellings of names may vary, so search for both Mac and Mc (MacDonald and McDonald, for example); or for variants such as MacKintosh and MacIntosh; look for variants in first names such as Margaret, Peggy, Maggie; or search for both Bella and Isabella.

You can also use the interactive map.

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Total Records Found: 1090, showing 10 per page
First nameSurnameSloinneadh/nicknameTownship
Malcolm Campbell Calum
Marion Campbell Morag
John Carmichael Seonaidh 'Ain Mhìceil Lonbain
John Chisholm
Mary Ann Chisholm Màiri Ann' a' Ghriasaiche
Peter Chisholm Ardbain
Duncan Clark
Katie Clark
William Cumming
John Cumming